H1N1 Flu Vaccine May Be Coming Nearer To Us Soon

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  1. shopbug says:

    This article was actually published two months ago in our old blog and was recently moved over to this new site here. So, sorry if the information is abit stale now.

    Anyway, good news for Singapore.

    Our Ministry of Health will distribute the A/H1N1 vaccine when the first doses arrive in two weeks, estimated to be somewhere before mid of November 2009.
    The vaccines will be distributed to polyclinics, private hospitals and clinics once the first batches arrive. Currently, the Ministry has already started going to clinics and hospitals to check on how many doses they need and to allocate the vaccine accordingly. Doctors from these health institution has been tasked to compile the lists in order to get a more factual figure for each hospital and clinic.

    By Christmas time, Singapore should be able to receive its one million doses.

    Currently stipulated the cost for the vaccine for each patient will be about S$29, which is in fact cheaper than the Tamiflu shots available here in Singapore.

    As of this writing, H1N1 influenza has already caused 18 deaths in Singapore alone.

    We are very glad that the vaccine is finally to be released to the mass and here at ShopBug.com, we wish everybody good health.

  2. Delson Moo says:

    Even though I’m the author of this article, and even though I’m really very happy and glad that the vaccine is finally to be released-to-market, somehow a very funny feeling just creeps inside me, especially when I’ve just watched the Will Smith marathon in HBO.
    Will this be something similar to I AM LEGEND ??

    Hehe, definitely hope not, but just that it took centuries and yet there’s no vaccine for common flu, will this be the answer?

    Give me your comments please :)

  3. Dr Ravindra says:

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    Dr Ravindra

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