1. I like your products but we do not have it in our country. Do you deliver your products worldwide?

    Yes, we do deliver our products worldwide. Our shipping charges are based on the weight of the product, which you’ll be able to see when you list our product from our webstore.
    Once you’ve added items to the shopping cart and click the checkout button, the system will ask you to create an account with us or requires you to login to your user account. Either way, you’ll have to key in your shipping address with us.
    The system will then automatically calculate the shipping charges based on your total product weight and your shipping country.
    If the system shows that there is no shipping to your country, please inform us via our Contact Us form so that we can add your country’s shipping charges to our system.

  2. What are your Delivery Charges?

    We charge a Flat fee of SGD $8.00 for delivery within Singapore (excluding GST).
    For orders above $80.00, we will waive off the Delivery charges. As for worldwide delivery, our system will auto-calculate the shipping charges based on the shipping weight and your shipping country.

  3. What is your delivery schedule?

    Our delivery schedule is from Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm (except public holidays). However, we understand the problems faced by working parents and that you are not able to receive our goods during this period of time. For that, we also extend our delivery time from 6pm to latest 8pm, islandwide. No extra charge (for now) for the extended hours. Just put in the remark box to tell us your preferred delivery time will do. We will still call you to confirm the time and date for the delivery.
    There is no delivery during weekends and public holidays.

  4. When will I receive my order?

    For items that are in stock, your order will be delivered within three business days.
    For out-of-stock items, we will inform you by email, phone or fax. If you wish to go ahead with the order, we will keep you updated and inform you upon stock arrival.

  5. How do I change the delivery date and time after I have submitted my order?

    If there is a need of change of delivery date or time, please inform us one working day in advance at least before the cut off for the original delivery time-slot.

  6. What payment methods can I use?

    By cash
    * We do accept Cash On Delivery.
    * Upon receiving the products, please give us the exact cash amount ready to prevent any delay in our next delivery
    * Please note Cash Cheque is not equivalent to Cash.
    By Cheque
    * Mail the cheque and make payable to ShopBug Pte Ltd with your order number, shopping date and full name at the back of the cheque.
    * Upon clearance of your cheque by the bank, goods delivery will be arranged and deliver to your door step.
    * All cheques denominated in SINGAPORE dollars and must not be post dated.
    By Credit Card
    * You can rest assure about the security of your online credit card payments with PayPal.
    * PayPal is a SAFE way to send funds online, as it is secure, accessible, fast and easy. Just log on to PayPal website: www.paypal.com/ for more details.
    * By using this method of payment, your information will be kept safely by PayPal, not us. So, not to worry! You need not worry about your credit card information falling into the wrong hands because your bank will authorize the credit card transaction directly without any information passing through us.
    * What you need to do if you are not PayPal member (new user):-
    1. Sign up for PayPal Account (select Personal or Business account)
    2. If you choose Personal Account, please provide the following information and details:
    o Enter your address information (Name, Address, Citizenship and Contact number)
    o Enter your email address and password (password must be at least 8 characters long). Please give the email address and password and reconfirm it.
    o Enter 2 Security Questions (either by mother’s maiden name, last 4 digit driver license, city of birth and father city of birth).
    o Premier Account- you can choose Yes or No. If yes, you can also accept credit card payments for a low fee of just 2.9% + US$0.03 . Sending payment is free.
    o Please read and understand the term of User Agreement and Privacy Policy before you sign up as PayPal member.
    o The last step, type in the Security Sign Up Code, exactly as what is displayed.
    3. Add Credit Card (please enter the relevant information, such as credit card number, expiry date of the credit card and last 3 digit number of the card).
    4. PayPal will re-confirm your email address and sent you an email to ensure it is registered with PayPal.
    * By Installment Corporate and Consumer Customer
    o Upon confirmation of sales order, a minimum of 10% + 7% GST as down payment (changes subject to approval by Finance company) and relevant financial documents are needed by 3rd party Finance company. Please call our sales enquiry for more details of the procedure.

  7. Can I self-collect for the items that I have placed online?

    Yes, for self-collection purpose, it is strictly by appointment basis only.
    Please select “Self Collection” when choosing the Shipping Method during checkout. Our customer service department will follow up with you on your order.

    For self-collection, please visit our showroom at:-

    10 Ubi Crescent, #06-72 (opp. #06-70)
    Ubi TechPark (Lobby D)
    Singapore 408564
    Tel: 6844 1405 

  8. Can I go to your showroom/Collection Centre to view products before placing the order?

    We do not keep stock for all our products in our showroom. Most of the products are kept in our warehouse. However, we do have enough products for your shopping pleasure. Please feel free to pay us a visit during our office hours.

  9. What is your operating hours?

    Our operating hours is from Monday to Friday – 9am to 6pm
    Our lunchtime is from 12pm to 2 pm
    We do not open on weekends and public holidays.

  10. Are your prices listed with GST?

    All prices on our website includes GST (Goods & Services Tax). Our GST registration number is 20-0307569-K.

  11. What software do I need to shop on-line?

    With our online store, there is no need to install any special or complicated software program. If you are able to read this page, you already have what you need to shop on-line with us. All you need is just an Internet connection and a Firefox, Chrome or Microsoft Internet Explorer web browser will do.

  12. Is my account secure with your store?

    Yes. You choose your user name and password that only you will know. Any order activity that is “out of the ordinary” will be checked prior to shipping your order. Orders containing different locations will raise questions at our facility. For your added safety, we will call to verify any unusual information from time to time. Also, you will be e-mailed an order confirmation each time an order is placed under your account.
    If you pay by credit card, PayPal secures your credit card details. We do not retain or store your credit card information on our server. The PayPal payment page is also secured by industrial strength SSL. You need not worry about your credit card information falling into the wrong hands because your bank will authorize the credit card transaction directly without any information passing through us.

  13. Will you share my information with anyone else?

    No. Any information you entrust to us stays with us. It will never be shared with a third party. For more information, please see our privacy notice.

  14. Can I change my password?

    Yes. Just click on the My Account button in the top right corner. Key in your email address and current password, and click Login. (If you forgot your current password, click on the “Password forgotten?” link, and key in your email address. A new password will be automatically sent to your email account.)
    Then in the My Account box, click on “Change my account password”. Type in your current password and follow by your new password. Type again to confirm your new password.

  15. I forgot my password. What should I do now?

    Don’t worry! Directly below the log-on box is the “Password forgotten? Please click here” link. Click on it and enter your email address. This is where you need to go. We will then send your password.

  16. When can I shop?

    Our store is open 24 x 7, just feel free to browse them as and when you like.

  17. When I placed my order, will anyone from your company call me?

    Yes. Once you have completed your online order, our staff will contact you (Monday to Fridays: 9am to 6pm, except Weekends and Public Holidays) either by E-mail, Fax or Telephone. You will receive an Invoice for all the orders made.

  18. I can’t find the products I’m looking for using the search functions. Why not?

    You can use our advance search function, which allows you search for keywords in product descriptions. Go to our Quick Find box at the bottom left hand corner and click on “Advance Search” link. Once you are there, type in your product you wish to search for in the “Search Criteria” box and tick on the “Search in product descriptions” box. By ticking on this box, the search engine will search for your keywords in our product descriptions. You can further refine your search criteria by filling up the rest of the options found on this page.
    If you have an item in mind that you do not see listed here, please contact us with the form below so that we may assist you in placing your order.

  19. What is a ” shopping cart”?

    It’s a good idea to have a cart to wheel around as you shop. The shopping cart keeps all the items you intend to order with you until you check out. On the right side of all of the screens in the store, you’ll see the current shopping cart you’re pushing around and the total value in it. When you go to check out, all the items in your cart will be totalled and paid.

  20. When do I use the “check out” function?

    When you have filled your cart with everything you need, then it is time to head for one of the checkout lines. With our on-line store, the checkout function starts the process of paying for all the items in your shopping cart. If you don’t checkout, then your order has not been processed. We’ll assume that you’re still shopping. When you do click on checkout, you’ll see the status of your order as it is transferred to our system. Your order is complete when you see a “Your order has been processed!” notice. An email will be sent to you for your order together with an order number.

  21. Can I print a copy of my orders when I place them?

    Each order you place can be printed directly from the confirmation screen at the time of order. Just click on the ” printable version” button at the bottom of the screen. Each order will also be confirmed with you via e-mail, which you can also print.

  22. I did not receive my e-mail confirmations. Why not?

    When you create an account, order a product or your order status has been updated, our e-mail confirmation is automatically sent to your registered email address. If you are unable to receive this email from us, please log into your account and check the email address that you have provided to us. Sometimes Junk Mail filters may send our e-mail to a separate folder or delete it before you even read it. If you are sure this is not the case, you may need to consult your administrator or ISP for further assistance. You can also call us and we can help you to engage a professional IT service company to help you.

  23. Do your company sell Drypers in bulk. Can quote me the price..Thank you

    Sorry, we no longer carry Drypers.

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