Right Brain vs Left Brain

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  1. It’s really fascinating. At first I can see her rotating clockwise but after few minutes of continuous observation I can see her diverting the direction and rotating anticlockwise.

    • Delson Moo says:

      I really envy you, at least both sides of your brain are functioning equally. I’m still having trouble seeing it turning clockwise and have to really think hard and force my eyes to concentrate on the left and right leg before I can turn her directions. Looks like I have to visit your website more often to get to know more about my brain :)

  2. Phuay Zhan Hui says:

    The shadow shows otherwise… the dancer is turning… anti clocwise

    • Delson Moo says:

      Hi Zhan Hui,

      you know something funny? I’ve been looking at it for the past 30 minutes, yes, 30 minutes, on and off diverting myself away to watch Final Destination III, and right now all I can see is that she is turning clock-wise!!
      I managed to cross my eyes and get it turning anti-clockwise for maybe around 2 turns and it turns clockwise back again. This totally contradicts what I see previously!!
      Anyway, for me, the shadow is turning in unison with the figure, I do not see it turning otherwise :)
      Guess the artist/scientist is really a brilliant guy and managed to fool everybody :)
      Have a good nite.

  3. bordeaux says:

    i’m glad i used both my brains :P

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