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  1. Delson Moo says:

    After publishing this article, few friends of mine emailed, tweet me, facebook wall me, call me, sms me, msn me, mms me to congratulate my new-born baby and some were so displeased with me of not telling them about the new arrival of my baby. I’m writing here to clear the air now.

    The picture above is taken 3 year ago when my son Dylan was just delivered. There is no second child for me. I used this photo to signify a few points though:
    - The birth of a new generation (of Dylan and of course
    - The uprising of a new hope and faith (not related to any religion; just the faith of being a parent and the faith of being the protective shield of my son and of course my business)
    - the togetherness with our customers who are the new parents and to whom we share the joy and experience to be a parent
    and last but not least ….
    - to gain some sympathy purchase from our customers and to tell them that we are not a huge faceless corporation but just a small humble family-oriented business that needs your constant support and relentless loyalty between us.

    Would like to take this opportunity to thank all my friends for their support and concern (though I would prefer you guys to leave comments here in my blog instead… drive more traffic here man) and especially my thanks to Michelle, who claims that I look the same now as when I am 3 years ago… :)

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